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Welcome to a small insight into the world of CIDD. We are a young, creative and geared to progress in the field of trade fair companies and product design and project management. By creating a balance between the various design elements such as lines, shapes, movements or colors, we are able to made a simple inspiration or idea to create superior solutions for demanding clients. Based on your company culture, history and philosophy we are therefore able to your wishes and ideas to translate into innovative design aesthetic. We design both individual products and entire stands and develop these from the first sketchy idea to its production. As your partner, we provide you for your presentation and all of its objects a modern and visionary end product that communicates and represents your brand holistically. We try to time is always a step ahead. Innovation is the declared aim of our company!

We are always on the lookout for new trends and the perfect enjoyment. Our history is a history of innovations. Innovations that change the Business, such as in marketing and communications.




Looking for a suitable exhibition design with perfect implementation?

Whether large or small, each booth should at first glance convey a clear message and persuade through a structured and clear structure. It depends both on an innovative architecture as well as an attractive interior, which impresses the visitors immediately and holding him to stay.




Product development made easy. We are here to help!


CIDD is a full-service product design and management company. We focus on providing customer-oriented service support with new product designs and rapid prototyping.

Since its beginnings, has been engaged in the field CIDD multitouch and we have developed from our own brand CIDD ™, which specializes in the design, production and distribution of high-quality multi-touch terminals. In addition to our exhibition and design services can be found in our range also offers on futuristic terminal.

The attention to detail, elegant shapes and the passion for special materials characterize the CIDD look. The latest design trends from the CIDD collection are elegant, presence and offer eye-catcher for business, fairs, concerts and special events. Whether casual-chic or innovative, CIDD provides an appropriate design solution for any business. With each new product, we aim that your room or appearance is still represents a bit nicer. Let yourself be inspired by our design trends.



Multitouch TERMINALS

We rent and sell multi-touch terminals with matching touchscreen solutions.

Our terminals are special eye-catcher and can be used anywhere. You have the choice, because our design lines include three styles: multi-touch terminals, multi-touch tables and multitouch steles. However Looking for something specific, then we also offer individual lines, exclusive lines called. The latter can be individually customized for each event purpose.

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